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“What impresses me most about 1 Source?  Carriers told me about it – they think of it that highly. 1 Source puts dollars in my pocket and I can network with other members who go out of their way to help each other.  That’s the real strength in numbers!”

Darren Adkison, Ashdown Insurance Agency, Ashdown, AR

Little Rock Bridge

1 Source is a network of Arkansas independent insurance agencies, insurers and service providers that use their combined strength to expand markets, build sales, and grow commissions.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is an overused phrase but it is the perfect encapsulation of the power and value of the 1 Source Insurance Group. An insurance agency cluster is only as good as its members’ commitment to help each other and its leaders’ ability to leverage members’ collective strength to its fullest potential. Under the 1Source banner, members benefit from higher growth and commission and profit sharing revenues than they could generate on their own while maintaining complete independence.

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Our Story

Having toiled in this industry for over 30 years working for both agents and insurers, I appreciate the challenges our industry faces – more competition, rising costs and the need to master technology. In fact, agents and insurers face these same challenges — but of course they come from different perspectives. That’s why I feel so strongly about the power of collaboration – of agents pooling their talents, expertise and resources and then using that power as leverage with insurers – as partners, not adversaries. That’s also why I believe our aggregator model at 1Source fits the needs of so many independent agents in this part of the country.

1 Source Insurance Group is a market access cooperative.  This means that we deliver increased market access and greater revenue opportunities for our members. But that’s only part of the story. Unlike many other cooperatives, with 1 Source each member owns their own book – all of it.  Members of 1Source are not governed by a set of arbitrary production requirements, shared revenue formulas, or restrictive exit options.  We respect the agent/entrepreneur and what each can  bring to the table to help themselves and our group as a whole.   We also understand what it is that agents in this part of the country need to thrive and best serve their clients.

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