The Perks Of Becoming A 1 Source Affiliate

Get Access To Insider Benefits For Results In Your Agency

Thrive As An Independent Agent

As an independent insurance agent, you may struggle to compete against corporately owned agencies or satisfy your carrier’s requirements to qualify for a contingency bonus.

By becoming a 1 Source affiliate, you’ll get access to tools and relationships that will boost your business into a thriving independent agency.

Everything You Need to Grow

When you join 1 Source Insurance Group, you get the most highly valued membership benefits in the industry:

Strong carrier relationships

We work with 60+ regional and nationwide carriers to get your clients the best possible coverage and premiums.

Collaboration with Other Agents

When you join 1 Source Insurance Group, you align yourself with members who share your values, goals, and strengths.

Your Clients, Your Commissions

Whether you get your clients' policies with regional or national carriers, you get to keep every penny of your commission — always.

Group Membership As It Should Be

At 1 Source, we pool together our resources to give independent agencies access to markets and qualify them for a contingency bonus. We also give you 100% independence for your agency and book of business.

Partners Who Value Your Success

“I am very happy with my decision to join the group. In the past 2 months, I have written 2 policies for more than $35,000 in premiums that I wouldn’t have been able to write prior to my affiliation.”

James Eaton

Huntsville Insurance

“Being a member of 1 Source Insurance Group has provided my agency with access to competitive markets, bigger profit margins, and additional opportunities that I previously was unable to achieve on my own.”

David Coker

Coker Insurance

We can’t say enough good things about 1 Source. The people are top notch, very experienced, and easy to work with. Our thanks to them for allowing us to be a part. To us, it’s a win win affiliation. Everyone benefits from everyone’s efforts!”

John Cobb

First Western

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