Every day, each of us faces situations that require an immediate decision that can’t be put off.  Sometimes we delay because we’re not sure about what the right decision is.  Sometimes we have so many tasks on our plate, it’s easier to just kick the can down the road.  We all know, of course,  that it’s better not to “put off till tomorrow what you can do today”.   For example, we may procrastinate in obtaining information from a customer that a carrier needs to decide whether to accept or reject the account.  We may also delay contacting a carrier on a matter that needs an immediate response because we know that could trigger other options for a customer. 

 Like it or not, we live in an “I want it now” society.  As individuals, none of us like waiting in line at the grocery store or to be put on hold.  As agents, we need to always put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and prospects.  They deserve, and frankly they have the right to expect, the best service we can deliver.    In sales, we learn early that “no” is a positive answer because it gets us that much closer to a “yes. ”  By the same token, we need to be as open, upfront and prompt as possible.  Insurance is largely intangible for clients except at renewal time and after a claim.  That’s why in most cases the sooner a decision is made the better.  Clients won’t always like every decision but most will respect your honesty, attention to detail and hustle.