1 Source Insurance Group having be established since 2010 has worked with many agents and insurers for many years.  We appreciate and understand the challenges our industry faces – more competition, rising costs and the need to master technology. In fact, agents and insurers face these same challenges — but of course they come from different perspectives. That’s why we feel so strongly about the power of collaboration – of agents pooling their talents, expertise and resources and then using that power as leverage with insurers – as partners, not adversaries. That’s also why we believe our aggregator model at 1 Source fits the needs of so many independent agents in this part of the country.

1 Source Insurance Group is a market access cooperative.  This means that we deliver increased market access and greater revenue opportunities for our members. But that’s only part of the story. Unlike many other cooperatives, with 1 Source each member owns their own book – all of it.  Members of 1 Source are not governed by a set of arbitrary production requirements, shared revenue formulas, or restrictive exit options.  We respect the agent/entrepreneur and what each can  bring to the table to help themselves and our group as a whole.   We also understand what it is that agents in this part of the country need to thrive and best serve their clients.

Our role is to champion the independent agent, the power of the Agency System and to give our members as many tools and benefits as possible to help them prosper. Not just bigger commission checks (members keep 100%) and access to more and better markets but also the strength that comes with sticking together and supporting each other. I have witnessed examples of members stepping forward to help another member secure business and refusing to take a cut of the commission. It’s that kind of camaraderie and mutual trust that makes 1Source special.

Another critical element in our approach is not tying restrictions to our members. Independent agents are entrepreneurs by nature, so our members run their businesses as they see fit, as it should be. At the same time, there is also great strength in numbers so our members come together naturally, both in face-to-face meetings but also regularly with each other and through our office and website.

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