The 1 Source aggregate model combines the benefits of staying independent and free of cumbersome restrictions with the value of an alignment with a respected group of agencies that delivers significant monetary and strategic benefits.

McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc coined the phrase “In business for yourself–but not by yourself.”  That is a central theme at 1 Source.  You own your agency and you control your book of business.

Members, on average, realize double-digit commission increases in the first year of membership in 1 Source.  Members readily share their expertise on new markets and helping colleagues secure new carrier relationships.  1 Source does not take a cut of your commissions.  You keep it all.

1 Source members enjoy more productive and professional relationship with carriers.   More than that, our members work with each other regularly, sharing best practices, advice on accessing markets and effective marketing strategies.

You can judge others by the company they keep.  1 Source members enjoy high standing within the industry and carriers.  The 1 Source brand name is a door opener.  Carriers recommend 1Source to agents.

  • Greater Access to Carrier Markets
  • Demonstrated triple digit growth opportunities
  • 40+ standard markets
  • Group purchasing power
  • Maximum profit potential
  • Discounted marketing expertise
  • Information Sharing and Networking
  • Exclusive specialty programs